Who else is playing Sims 4? (or Sims 3) I tried to make Harm and Mac and I would love to see if you’ve tried as well some time. Maybe we can make a little contest about it? ;P




I’m the person that watches S1 of JAG and whenever even the most casual mention is made of Harm being single/not having a family all I can think is you meet her next year.


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JAG Meme ~ funny moments in no particular order.

Season two, episode one, “We The People.”


Mac/Harm Meme: Favorite Scene {3/10} ✈ Boomerang, Part II, Season 5.

You’re just this way with me, aren’t you?” “Yeah. Only with you.”


JAG Meme ~ Friendships in no particular order ✈ Harm and Meg

"Meg. You’re a genius."


It just saddens me so much that Meg was just completely gone after season one.  Like yeah she was mentioned several times and she was technically in Death Watch but we got to see Kate again why couldn’t we have just had Meg show up to say hey or maybe a case took them to where she happened to be working and she advised them on something or I dunno an old case popped up and Harm went to ask her if she remembered anything he wasn’t remembering like just something like she was so great.


Lieutenant Meg Austin, JAG

"Even the young have something of value to offer."


I’m the person that watches S1 of JAG and whenever even the most casual mention is made of Harm being single/not having a family all I can think is you meet her next year.


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Catherine Bell - 2002


Catherine Bell - 2002

Fic Rec: Storm Cell (JAG)


Fandom: JAG
Title: Storm Cell
Author: Pixie (Ayiana)
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/95460
Pairing(s)/characters: Sarah MacKenzie/Harmon Rabb Jr.
Rating/Warning(s): Teen+
Word Count: 18,630
Complete/WIP: complete
Summary: A family crisis throws Harm into turmoil and threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

Why you should read this:
A smile tugs at the corners of Dr. Carmichael’s mouth. “Damndest thing I’ve seen in months,” she says. “Before we went in there I was convinced we were going to lose that baby. The fetal heartbeat was severely depressed, and we were seeing signs of premature labor.” Her smile widens, and Harm could almost swear he sees a spark of mischief in her eyes. “But that must be one stubborn kid, because as soon as we got your wife stabilized the fetal heartbeat evened out and the contractions stopped. My guess is you’re headed for eighteen years of hell on wheels with that one.”

A very underrated couple (and show), to me, is Mac/Harm from JAG..


Like do you see the amazing chemistry and cuteness they have?


Why is there not more appreciation for this show/couple? Like c’mon…


Season five, episode sixteen, “Boomerang, Part II.”

Requested by 100years-to-live.

Okay maybe nobody wants to know but I’ll do it anyway.

Movies/shows I watched thanks to the JAG cast:

David James Elliott

  • Police Academy 3
  • The Shrink is in
  • Code 11-14
  • The man who lost himself
  • Medium  (Twice Upon A Time)
  • Close to Home S2
  • Love Sick
  • The Rainbow Tribe
  • The Guard
  • Last Impact
  • Gooby
  • Knights of Bloodsteel
  • The Storm
  • Dad’s Home
  • Terror Trap
  • CSI NY (To what end?; Identity Crisis)

Catherine Bell

  • Friends (The one with the baby on the bus)
  • Crash Dive
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Bruce Almighty
  • Even Almighty
  • The Triangle
  • Law&Order SVU (Choreographed)
  • Good Morning, Killer

Patrick Labyorteaux

  • Little House on the Prairie (some episodes)
  • Yes Man
  • The Storm
  • 2012:Ice Age

Karri Turner

  • Get Smart

Scott Lawrence

  • Close to Home (Truely, Madly, Deeply)
  • Avatar
  • Star Trek Into Darkness (okay he was not the reason I watched it, but the reason I nearly cried at the cinema bc of happiness and surprise)
  • (definitly seen him in more shows but I don’t remember all. Bones and NCIS are those I’m very sure I’ve seen him as well, but by coincidence)

John M. Jackson

  • Bones (some episodes)
  • A Few Good Man (but I didn’t find him -.-)

Steven Culp

  • Desperate Housewives (few episodes)
  • Thirteen Days
  • Star Trek:Enterprise (by coincidence)
  • NCIS (by coincidence)
  • Criminal Minds (Tabula Rasa; by coincidence)
  • Last Impact

Hallee Hirsh

  • ER (some episodes)
  • Cold Case (That Woman)
  • Criminal Minds (Cradle to Grave)

Mae Whitman

  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • Criminal Minds (Cradle to Grave)
  • (Perks of being a wallflower and Parenthood are on the list to watch bc of her)

I’ve found many more actors and actresses from JAG in different movies and shows by coincidence, but I can’t name all of them atm. 

The biggest show I watch thanks to JAG is definity NCIS ;) And I love both with my whole heart ^^




Who of you has watched other shows or movies just because on of the JAG cast was on it? If yes, which ones?

answered: Army wives

I only watched one episode, bc the show isn’t available here… I need to find a way to watch it though.

If you have Netflix, Army Wives is on Netflix.

Too bad but no. I live in Europe, we don’t have Netfix here (should be coming soon, but I read in an article yesterday that they have huge problems with the licences of the shows here, bc there are many providers, who own different rights to broadcast the shows… It’s really complicated) But it would be awesome if they’d have it, once Netflix is up :) Thanks you anyway for letting me know :3