Mac/Harm Meme: Episodes [6/10] → (9x18 “What If”)

"I was just pondering the road not taken…yet." 


You bet I’m gonna sing along to the JAG theme song despite it having no lyrics


JAG is literally the best show


Mac/Harm Meme: Episodes [7/10] → (2x08 “Full Engagment”)

"You’re gonna be okay Mac. I’m gonna get you through this, I promise." 

Fic Rec: Flight Plans (JAG)


Fandom: JAG
Title: Flight Plans
Author: Pixie (Ayiana)
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/72911
Pairing(s)/characters: Sarah MacKenzie/Harmon Rabb Jr.
Rating/Warning(s): Teen+
Word Count: 4,438
Complete/WIP: complete
Summary: Two hundred and eighty-seven days after that night at McMurphy’s Mac is still in San Diego and Harm is still in London.

Why you should read this:

"General Cresswell can be a bit of a bulldog. He’s been after me for months to find a way to keep you two in the JAG Corps." There’s a pause, a murmur of background conversation. Then, "Anyway, fifteen minutes ago Cresswell calls me. Seems you two fools fired off a twin set of terminal leave requests."


Mac/Harm Meme: Favorite Episode {8/10} ✈ "All Ye Faithful."

"Hey.  Not home yet, huh?  Well, we’re all here now, um, except for you…still haven’t had dinner though, so…hoping to see you soon…assuming everything’s okay."

David James Elliott, a star of the JAG TV series for 10 years, has boarded the U.S. indie American Hangman, which has already cast Sherlock’s Martin Freeman and Brian Cox as leads.


Mac/Harm Meme: Favorite Episode {7/10}  ”Silent Service”

"This is not a marriage."

There was the possibility to print personalised Coca Cola cans today at the mall. Well I made these two ;)


Mac/Harm Meme: Favorite Episode {1/10} ✈ "Fair Winds and Following Seas"

"I guess I just needed a deadline." "Well you got one, sailor."


I am only 21 years old and I can tell you that no ship will ever move me and make me feel as much as Mac and Harm.

Fanfic: “Expectation”


Fandom: JAG

Characters: Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb Jr., Lieutenant Junior Grade Meg Austin

Words: About 950

Genre: Friendship

Summary: Meg’s transferring out, and she has a few ideas as to who should be partnered with Harm next. She’s not telling him, however, and the Admiral’s description is very vague. Alludes to the impending addition of Mac and Bud. Takes place in between “Skeleton Crew” and “We the People.” Based on information from “We the People” and “Vanished”.

Link to fic: Here